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Architectural Design Services in Driggs, ID

Stillwater Design Group in the beautiful mountainous regions of the Grand Teton Mountains focuses on the client experience. As an architectural design services firm, we put what our customer wants above all else, and we listen to what you want from your project.

As a customer of Stillwater Design Group, you'll be treated like royalty as we assign you a personal designer who will take you through every step of the process. From the blueprint to the construction drawings and design plans, we can make what you dream of a reality! Jason and the design team collectively have three decades of experience in designing luxury homes in the beautiful mountainous area of Driggs, ID and the Grand Tetons. 

Like the beautiful landscape that serves as a backdrop for our unique architectural creations, Stillwater Design Group sees every design as a canvas and every client experience as a new challenge to beautify and create the canvas with their design work.



Stillwater Design Group offers the following services to our clients:

  • Complete architectural drawings

  • Design and idea books for inspiration

  • 3D modeling programs for a 360-degree view

  • The personal project manager assigned to individual clients

  • The customer works directly with the lead designer.

  • High level of knowledge about the local area

  • Familiarity with the challenges of the area and how to work around them

Our construction drawings are professional and detailed so that the building process encompasses the vision and the plans together. This ensures that the result is going to be aligned directly with what the customer wants. 

With guided attention throughout the entire process, Jason, the lead designer, and other members of our creative design team can help you reach your goals for architectural design.

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If you are in need of home design or architectural design services, you've come to the right place. Contact us for an initial consultation so we can start helping you plan for your mountain dream home!

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