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Robert W Carter Jr. AIA

Bob approaches Architecture as living sculpture, coming into harmony with Earth and Sky.  He incorporates the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood into his designs, known as Feng Shui in China.  Having extensive field experience in construction, enhances his ability to translate design into function.  He has several decades of experience in design.  He was born in London, England and came to this country at a young age.  Bob has traveled and lived in many countries around the world as well as several states.  His first project was a multi-million-dollar oil refinery for his father.  He has worked on many commercial and residential projects and has architectural licenses in several states.  He is a martial artist and has even written a book on the nature of “Being”.  He also has a music studio in his home, where he plays several different instruments … playing and singing at performances.  His current interests, besides music, include teaching meditation and Tai Chi.  He likes playing golf, sailing, biking, diving, and snorkeling.


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