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Jason Letham

Founding member of Stillwater Design Group, Jason brings almost three decades of experience in designing high end residential, commercial and resort style architecture.  He is a fifth generation native of Teton Valley and comes from a talented family of artists and contractors that fostered him pursuing his degree in architecture.


  “I have always enjoyed hand drawing, painting and photography and originally pursued a degree in graphic design.  I also love working with my hands, packing a tool belt and building custom furniture.  When I combined my love of art with my experience in construction, a career in architecture was the perfect fit.”


Establishing a close personal relationship with clients to understand their needs, their desires and how those can be properly incorporated into their specific site is Jason’s number one philosophy.  Connecting the building to the environment as well as connecting the building to the people who use it, is his goal on every project. 


  “The custom homes we design should integrate our clients’ individual needs and provide a relaxing refuge that enhances the personal experiences with the landscape in which they become a part of.”


Jason has been born and raised under these mountains and understands purely the beauty we are surrounded by and the views that should be captured.  He also understands the climate in which we live and how to design a home that holds up to the conditions we all need to be sheltered from.


He studied art and architecture at Ricks College in Rexburg and received his Bachelor of Science in Architecture and his Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Idaho.  Jason has been a building official and inspector in Teton Valley for the past 20 years and is also a licensed general contractor providing our clients with the option to build the homes we design. 


When he is not in the office or out on a job site, he’s attending his children’s sporting events, fishing, attempting to improve his golf game, or working with his wife on some home improvement project.  Never enough hours in the day and never a dull moment.


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