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Intern Architect

Case Neale

Case Neale grew up in Northwest Wyoming and was exposed to the construction industry from a young age, where he helped his father build homes in the Dubois area. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Construction Management and a BIM certification at BYUI, expecting to graduate this coming year.


When he first attended college, Case studied education. Finding that he didn't like that path, he decided to give Construction Management a try, and never regretted it. However, he advises not waiting until halfway through your junior year of college to make that change.


Case Neale began as an intern for Stillwater Design Group in 2022. Since meeting the team, he is now considering becoming a licensed architect in the future. Bringing his old-fashioned, small-town ideals with him, Case has a passion for rustic architecture and enjoys designing log and timber-framed homes.


In his spare time, Case loves to enjoy the outdoors with his wife and dog through hunting, fishing, and challenging his wilderness survival skills. He also enjoys playing piano and his homemade guitar. 


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